Moldova and Russia agree to increase the number of permits for bilateral and transit cargo transportation

The Russian Federation agreed to issue an additional 500 permits for Moldovan carriers for this year. This was announced today, November 7, by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure after a meeting of the Moldovan-Russian Joint Commission on International Road Transport. Permits must be received by the National Road Transport Agency (ANTA) next week via pouch. The “permissions” will subsequently be distributed among local carriers in accordance with the submitted applications. [...]

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In Latvia, garden strawberries are grown in late autumn

The late-ripening variety of strawberry gardening, which can turn Latvia into a strawberry country, is still a secret, but the experimental plantings are impressive, reports EastFruit Internet portal.

At first glance it seems incredible to see hundreds of flowering strawberry plants and long rows of red berries in greenhouses in mid-October in Latvia. Nevertheless, the owner of the strawberry farm Ilmars Gulbis basically did not heat his greenhouses in the village of Laidi, even on days when the temperature dropped below zero, but the strawberry garden did not suffer.

“This is the first time we grow strawberries so late in the fall,” says Gulbis.

He does not hide the fact that he was looking for a variety that gives such a late harvest for four years, and this year he finally succeeded. “At first I was afraid of a bad taste and a weak aroma, but I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent product characteristics, strength and size of the berries,” said the farmer.

The gardener has no doubt that strawberry plants will produce berries for at least one more month, but adds that it all depends on the weather.

For berries, one sunny day a week is enough for garden strawberries to get everything they need.

With the latest ripe variety, Gulbis sees the future prospects of Latvia as a producer country of garden strawberry.

This year, the farmer opened the season in April, which is very early for this berry crop, but says that the hardest part is ahead, since the darkest time of the year is approaching.

October is an ideal time to offer fresh strawberries on the market, as there are many other berries in the second half of summer, the producer explains. He noted that until mid-September the demand for strawberries was also small, but later people were ready to pay a premium price for fresh berries.

The grower admits that he is still making mistakes and is constantly learning from his experience in finding the best solutions for cost-effective strawberry production in October. The late variety, which produces sweet aromatic berries in the fall, is currently a trade secret.[...]

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Product Classification - International Customs Forum 2019

As part of the work of the Association IFV as part of the Expert Advisory Council (ECS) on the implementation of customs policy at the FCS of Russia, on October 25, at the site of the “International Customs Forum 2019”, the AIPP President Irina Kapitanova held a Session “Problems and Mechanisms for Solving Classification and Origin of Goods”. The discussion was chaired by Alexander Volkov, Head of the Commodity Nomenclature of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. [...]

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FAO: TR4 Strain May Cause 100% Banana Destruction

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched a new emergency project as part of its Technical Cooperation Program to help countries in Latin America and the Caribbean fight fusarium wilt, a fungal plant disease that could completely eradicate the banana crop on which they depend millions of people. [...]

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Representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor will visit the Republic of Serbia to conduct pre-shipment control of consignments of planting stock

At the invitation of the Plant Protection Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Serbia, specialists from the Rosselkhoznadzor will be in Serbia from October 15 to 20, 2019 to carry out pre-shipment control of consignments of planting material prepared for shipment to the Russian Federation. Control will be carried out on the basis of applications received by the Rosselkhoznadzor of Russian participants in foreign economic activity.

Based on the results of the inspection and laboratory examination, the Service will decide on the possibility of importing from Serbia the reserved consignments of planting material into the territory of the Russian Federation.[...]

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