Polish gardeners manage to raise prices for pear variety "Conference"

Polish gardeners manage to raise prices for pear variety "Conference"

According to market participants, since the beginning of this week, these fruits in Poland have risen in price by an average of 11%.

Even today, farmers manage to load pears of the sort "Conference" at 41-49 cents per kilogram. In the same range, prices for the Favorotka pears are also formed, and they remain stable for the second week in a row.

It is worth noting that Polish producers are reducing prices even in conditions of abundant supply. Moreover, in the current season in Poland, a rather sharp increase in the gross harvest of pears is expected. According to preliminary forecasts of the World Association of Pears and Apples, in the season-2018/19 Polish farmers collect about 70 thousand tons of these fruits, which is 75% more than in the previous season, and 20% higher than the average for a five-year period.

At the same time, it should be added that Poland is not the leading producer of pears in the European Union: this year this country will have about 3% of the total gross harvest of these fruits in the European Union. Leaders are traditionally the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

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