Scientists from Chile extended shelf life of sliced ​​fruit

Scientists from Chile extended shelf life of sliced ​​fruit

The research team at the University of Santiago found a way to store sliced ​​fruit for 30 days. New development allows is protect the pulp from darkening.

Peeled or sliced ​​fruit is treated with a special liquid and placed in the refrigerator. In this case, the fruit сould be stored for a long time without losing its presentation. So, for example, processed peeled apples and avocados could be stored without loss of quality for a month.
The unique formula is based on a combination of antioxidants. Due to the absence of color and taste the product does not change the quality of natural food.
Research to create the optimal composition of the liquid was carried out for three years old. The project was supported by the Agricultural Innovation Fund and the Society for Technological Development.

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