Georgia: Prices for white cabbage this season are twice as high as last year

Georgia: Prices for white cabbage this season are twice as high as last year

The purchase price of cabbage in Georgia today is 18 cents per kilogram.

Georgiy Bochorishvili is farmer from the Gori municipality said that white cabbage had shown quite good yields this season and its prices on the local market are also very attractive.
The Bochorishvili family living in the village of Arashenda has been cultivating various crops for many years. George decided to continue and expand the business of his parents using new approaches in 2016. In particular, he equipped agricultural areas allotted for vegetables with a drip irrigation system, water is supplied from several wells, and updated varieties of crops. All this was carried out at their own expense, accumulated at the expense of their main professional activities.
Bochorishvili said that under the cabbage of the Agressor and Ankoma varieties he have 0.6 hectares from which I have received up to 50 tons this season. Products grew quality. 10 tons have already been sold the rest is starting to be laid in special storage facilities. Of course, it would have been better with a refrigerator but in the basements it will be completely preserved until spring. The purchase price for cabbage is now 18 cents at the current exchange rate per kilogram, which is a pretty good indicator given that in previous years in the same period it did not exceed $ 0.09 per kg. He hope that in the spring, as usual they will offer more for it.
According to Bochorishvili, he is also pleased with the tomato crop this season. From 1 hectare, which were planted mainly varieties "Wolverin" and "Florida" were collected about 30 tons. Purchase prices were also quite reasonable.
He noted that this year there was not such a large supply of cabbage and tomatoes in the region as in previous years.
Apples have shown good yields this year. “We have a traditional apple orchard on 1.5 hectares with“ Golden ”and“ Banana ”varieties. Due to frosts, the harvest was extremely low but this year it was almost twice as much as usual about 15 tons last year. According to Bochorishvili, as an experiment he equipped an intensive apple orchard in a small area having planted 1,200 saplings of several American varieties and already in the coming year he is waiting for the first harvest in 2017.
In the nearest plans of the farmer will be build a film greenhouse on the free land plot he has and to plant early ripe tomatoes in the Spring.

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