Exports of Chilean blueberries will decline under the influence of competition from Peru

Exports of Chilean blueberries will decline under the influence of competition from Peru

A new season of blueberry exports from Chile began, and the first weeks of deliveries showed a significant increase in exports. And yet, according to the Association of blueberries of Chile, in the near future exports may slow down significantly due to low air temperatures, restraining the ripening of berries.

Among other things, the Association expects that exports of blueberries in the current season may slightly decrease due to increased competition from other producers in the region. In particular, the greatest competition of Chilean blueberries are the Peruvian suppliers.

Producers from Peru, according to their estimates, will be able to increase the area under blueberries to 10 thousand hectares by 2020. They do not exclude that the area can reach even 15 thousand hectares. From today's 5 thousand hectares, the country plans to export about 75 thousand tons of blueberries, while the record export of Chilean blueberries, achieved in that season, amounted to 110 thousand tons. If Peruvian farmers can really reach 10 thousand blueberries by 2020, the volume of exports from Peru may exceed the volume of exports from Chile, which will make this country a world leader in the export of blueberries.

At the same time, Peru's efforts to market berries in international markets are much inferior to Chile's, so they have to sell blueberries cheaper. As competition grows, the price of this berry will fall. Since all markets for blueberries are far enough from Peru, the effectiveness of marketing and logistics will come to the fore.

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