Russian farmers manage to raise prices for quality carrots and beets

Russian farmers manage to raise prices for quality carrots and beets

The increase in trade activity contributes to the growth of prices for carrots and beets of high quality in Russian farms.

Today, farmers in the main regions of production ship quality carrots at 15-24 cents per kilogram. This is an average of 11% more expensive than at the end of that week. However, the industry experts emphasize that the trend of price growth is observed exclusively in the segment of high quality carrots, which are purchased for storage. At the same time, unsuitable for storage products farms offer from 12 cents per kilogram, and farmers declare their readiness to continue to give in price.

As for beets, since the beginning of this week beets in the country rose by an average of 12%. Today, shipments of these products are carried out at 14-23 cents per kilogram, depending on the quality, volume of the party and the region.

According to market players, a significant increase in trade activity in the segment of root crops contributes to the growth of prices. At the same time, most farms suspended sales of high-quality beets and carrots in anticipation of even greater price increases and laid the bulk of the crop for storage. To implement they offer surpluses, resulting in limited supply in the market.

It should be noted that today the price of beet in Russia is 40-50% higher than in the same period of that year. Carrot farmers today manage to ship 37% more expensive compared to the same period in 2017. However, market participants do not exclude that the trend of price growth may be a temporary phenomenon.

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