In the Ryazan region will be a large agricultural sector with unmanned tractors

In the Ryazan region will be a large agricultural sector with unmanned tractors

In the coming year in the Ryazan region in the test mode will begin to operate an agricultural enterprise that uses unmanned tractors for planting, care for plantations and harvesting.

The investor of the project is the company Aurora robotics, which develops automated transport management systems. The land area of the new farm will be more than 500 hectares. The total investment is estimated at 270 million rubles.

At the first stage of the project, designed until 2021, it is planned to develop and test the technology of robotic coordinate farming, which allows you to perform basic field work without a mechanic in the cab of the tractor.

"Starting next year, it is planned to launch a test agricultural enterprise in the Ryazan region with an area of more than 500 hectares, where unmanned agricultural machinery will be used. The robotic complex will include 10 unmanned tractors - "Agrobots", which will control the movement of a single control center, and they will independently perform a number of field works: planting, processing and harvesting of certain types of crops, "the press service of the national technology initiative (NTI)"AutoNet" said.

"One of the opportunities offered by robotic technology for Russian agriculture is the introduction of a large number of undeveloped lands into the crop rotation. The development and launch of unmanned agricultural machinery will allow to work with remote lands and make the current work in the fields more efficient by saving human resources and increasing the duration of the working day, as drones do not require breaks and, if necessary, are able to work around the clock," commented Vitaly Saveliev, CEO of Aurora robotics.

At the moment, the test site "Aurora robotics" for unmanned tractors with an area of 50 hectares is working in the Ryazan region.

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