"Food illegals" cross the border on fake certificates

"Food illegals" cross the border on fake certificates

"Leaders" in the supply of sanctions products to the Russian market-Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Norway and Denmark.

Deliveries of banned products in Russia doubled, write "Izvestia". According to customs statistics, 4400 trucks carrying Prohibited delicacies have been identified for 11 months of this year. In total, 56 thousand tons of imported products were exported abroad (+80%). Among the" food " employees of the Federal customs service often came across apples and pears, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, pork fat, fish, chicken, cheeses and berries.

According to the researcher of Ranepa Evgeny Gushchin, the "surge" of sanctions supplies can be explained by the fact that the Russian market against the background of the crisis in other developing countries looks particularly attractive. In Europe, food prices rose by an average of 7% due to high oil prices, while real incomes fell by 0.7%. Another reason is the growth of consumption in Russia against the background of the relative stabilization of the ruble, adds the Director of the Agency Fruitnews Irina Koziy. And finally, the gradual accumulation of experience of supplies bypassing Russian sanctions. European manufacturers and their Russian partners have jointly developed a number of illegal schemes, - the expert explains. The most popular is the purchase of invalid certificates. And their cost is included in the final price of the product and is about 20%. Despite the growth of" disclosure " of illegal schemes of import of sanctions, it is difficult to restrain it, said Professor of the faculty of HSE Alexei Portansky. Since the lack of discussion of the food embargo with partners in the EAEU leads to the fact that the government of our allies is looking at illegal supplies to Russia through the fingers, the expert concludes. Recall that at the end of November at the Stupino customs post of the Moscow regional customs was detained more than 21 tons of authorized cheese product from Germany. The estimated cost of the party was about two and a half million rubles.

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