Early white cabbage season opened in Poland

Early white cabbage season opened in Poland

This week the first batches of local cabbage of the new crop appeared on the Polish market.

According to market participants, the supply of early cabbage is currently very limited. Today, the cabbage of a new crop from local farms with large wholesale is offered at a price of 0.92 - 1.02 dollars per piece, and small wholesale at 1.02-1.48 dollars per piece.

It should be noted that the early cabbage season in Poland this year started two weeks earlier than in that year. Local farmers are planning to massively enter the market with new crop products in about 10 days. If the weather permits them, of course.

In the segment of early white cabbage, imported products from Macedonia dominate in the Polish market, the supply of which increased significantly this week. The price of early cabbage from Macedonia is announced at $ 1.02-1.27 per share, which is slightly more expensive than local products. But most market operators expect lower prices for imported products. They argue their opinion that the cost of early cabbage from Macedonia has already fallen by 15% compared with that week.

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