Chile increases plum exports to China

Chile increases plum exports to China

This season the export of plums from Chile to China will increase by 85% compared with last year and will amount to 76.5 thousand tons (41.3 thousand tons in the season 2017/2018).

The latest volumes will be delivered to Guangzhou at week 19.

Chinese importers noted that exports increased by 41% that season. At the same time, in the current season, the main supply growth is provided by the Sugarplum group of varieties, including such varieties as: CI111, D’agen and Sugarplum. Plums of these varieties account for 63.2% of the volume of exports to China, while this percentage was lower last season.

The cost of Sugarplum, CI111, D’agen and Sugarplum plums in the Chinese market on average varies between $ 4-5 per kilogram. At the end of March, prices fell to two dollars amid excess supply after the Chinese New Year.

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