Argentina postponed export campaign lemons

The start of export deliveries of lemons from Argentina will be delayed by a month due to heavy rains in the province of Tucuman.

According to representatives of the industry, the shift in supply schedule will be beneficial for exporters, since they will enter the market during a period of reduced supply from competitors.

“Because of the intense rainy season in the province of Tucuman, we were a month behind, and this had an impact not only on citrus fruits, but on the harvest of other crops that ripen at this time of year,” said Federcitrus President José Carbonell.

In addition to Argentina, Turkey and Spain also supply large volumes of lemons to the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the Argentine lemons will be sent to the United States of America, the volume of exports to Europe will be less compared to last season due to increased production in Spain.

“With even more free markets, we can count on higher demand and great prices. By this time, the export campaign in the Russian and US markets should have been in full swing, however, we are just starting, ”added Carbonell.

Among other things, gardeners are concerned about the impact of cold weather in the Southern Hemisphere on the harvest next year.

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