Italian producers have demanded import of citrus fruits from Africa

Italian producers have demanded import of citrus fruits from Africa

Italy's citrus growers are seriously concerned about the spread of black citrus rot. The pathogen was previously detected in supplies from Tunisia.

In this regard, industry representatives urge the government to tighten import rules in accordance with EU standards.

“The CBS identified in imports from Tunisia confirms our concern about the spread of the fungus in the Mediterranean, which is why we demand to immediately stop the import of citrus fruits from Africa. For the past few years, we have warned about the possibility of the appearance of the disease in Europe and asked the authorities to tighten the rules for checking imports, ”said Giovanni Selvaji, president of the consortium of Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP.

According to the statement of the company Coldiretti Savino Muralia, the supplies infected with the viruses Tristeza and Xylella fastidiosa have already caused major environmental and economic damage to the gardens in 2018 and 2019. Growers are more likely to face a fall in the value of fruits and the risks of the occurrence and spread of diseases. Last year, against the backdrop of crisis prices, farmers could not sell about 250 thousand tons of citrus fruits, which were grown on Taranto plantations.

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