Russia: producers reduce the prices for cabbage of the new crop again

Russia: producers reduce the prices for cabbage of the new crop again

According to analysts, there are several prerequisites for lower prices for products. First of all, after a period of heavy rains with thunderstorms and hail, the weather almost throughout the entire country began to gradually return to normal, on the basis of which the supply of early cabbage on the market increased. In addition, high humidity and heavy rainfall adversely affected the quality of cabbage.

As a result, today, most manufacturers offer early cabbage for sale at 30-40 rubles per kilogram. This is an average of 12% cheaper than at the end of that work week.

Among other things, this week, the proposal for cheap cabbage produced in Dagestan significantly increased. Prices for Dagestan cabbage of the new crop are formed in the range of 25-30 rubles per kilogram.

According to expert estimates, Russian farmers are forced to reduce prices for early cabbage due to a significant increase in the supply of these products on the market due to the fact that more and more farms have started to sell a new crop. However, they emphasize that today the cabbage of early varieties in Russia costs on average 1.5 times more expensive than in the second half of May of that year. But at the same time, manufacturers do not exclude that this product will be cheaper in the future.

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