How have the prices of fruits and vegetables in Russia changed for 2018-2019?

How have the prices of fruits and vegetables in Russia changed for 2018-2019?

The research of changes in prices for fruits and vegetables was carried out by analysts of the AGRO24 trading platform based on the prices of four online stores in Moscow: Utkonos, VkusVill, Perekrestok and Metro Cash & Carry.

The average retail prices for pears increased by 13%: it cost 165 rubles last year, and now it costs 188 rubles per kilogram. Bananas also scored in price: these farmers can now be bought for 76 rubles, and in June 2018 it cost 61 rubles. Oranges have decreased in price by 15–20%: the price value of last year was 113 rubles, now it is 93 rubles. Apples, like oranges, have fallen in price: they can now be purchased at a price of 121 rubles, and in 2018 - 140 rubles.
The price of cabbage has increased in the range from 40% to 60%. This year it can be purchased at an average price of 62 rubles, and in the past - 30 rubles each. This is the biggest price increase in our research.
The price of cucumbers increased by 16% compared to the same period last year. In June last year, the price was 118 rubles, now cucumbers cost 137 rubles per kilogram.
There is a strong jump in the price of potatoes this year compared with the past. The average retail price gained 40% per year. In 2018, potatoes could be bought at a price of 43 rubles, now it will cost 61 rubles.
Tomatoes also rose in price compared to June 2018: last year they cost 272 rubles, in this - 286 rubles. The price of tomatoes increased by 5–15%.
Onions, like cabbage, have greatly increased in price compared to the same period last year: prices have increased by 56%. Onions cost 39 rubles, now it costs 61 rubles.
Prices for beets, compared with other vegetables, decreased by 15–20%. The main product of the “borsch set” in 2018 could be purchased at a price of 69 rubles, in 2019 - 45 rubles.
The price for carrots also decreased by 10–20%. Last June, carrots cost 68 rubles, this year - 55 rubles per kilogram.

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