In the greenhouses of Tajikistan are preparing to grow bananas

In the greenhouses of Tajikistan are preparing to grow bananas

Members of the farm “Dustobod 2” of the Spitamen district of the Republic of Tajikistan intend to build four innovative hectares of hydroponics on 4 hectares by 2021, in which they plan to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and bananas.

The construction of the first greenhouse is already underway on an area of ​​1 hectare. Already in the beginning of autumn, farmers intend to plant from 25 to 30 thousand tomato seedlings in it and receive the first harvest in December of the current year in the amount of 100-120 tons. They expect to receive the second harvest in March-April. Thus, this hydroponic greenhouse, which will have autonomous heating and drip irrigation, according to farmers, should give about 220-240 tons of tomatoes.
The commissioning of two other greenhouses, intended for the cultivation of cucumbers and bell peppers, is scheduled for 2020.
The fourth greenhouse will be erected and put into operation in 2021, the Farmers have already decided that they will grow bananas in it. To this end, they are studying the technology of growing these fruits in greenhouse conditions. Farmers plan to plant about 1000 banana saplings on one hectare of greenhouse farming and in the coming years to receive about 45-50 tons of this production, which is still imported by the republic.
Growing bananas in the farm "Dustobod 2" will be the first experience of Tajikistan in this direction.

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