Table grapes are more expensive in Moldova and cheaper in Tajikistan

Table grapes rose sharply in Moldova. White varieties of table grapes rose in price the least - by 31.9% in October. Table grapes "Moldova" are the most famous variety in the country grew in price by 48.4% almost one and a half times. Other darker grape varieties rose less significantly, most dramatically red and pink varieties by 65% ​​per month. [...]

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The practice selling of vegetables and fruits may change in Moldova

In the Parliament of Moldova at the final stage of adoption is a bill that provides for the mandatory allocation of 50% of the area in fruit and vegetable stores for Moldovan products. This amendment to the current law on internal trade applies only to the activities of stores with an area of not more than 250 square meters. Most of the shopping facilities included in the supermarket chain have large areas. [...]

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In Poland, the cost of technical apples fell by 70%

In the Polish media continues the discussion of the falling value of apples on the background of rising demand due to excessive harvest.

According to the report, the purchase price of Apple processing enterprises in August was 0.05 euros per kilogram, which is 70% lower than the cost of apples in the same period last year. The purchase price of pears, cherries and plums for processing was also significantly decreased.

One of the farmers shared the story that he was forced to throw away his crop when the producer of Apple juice, to whom he sold fruits, reduced the purchase price from 0.045 euros per kilogram to 0.04 euros.

In September, farmers protested at fruit processing plants in Ljubljana. Employees of the three companies demanded to raise the cost of raw materials to 0.08 euros per kilogram.

The Association of fruit producers of Poland is negotiating with factories to raise prices for raw materials, however, it is not possible to come to an agreement with the owners of enterprises today. The situation is complicated by the stable consumption of Apple juice with an increasing volume of Apple production and growing competition from producers in Ukraine and Moldova. The size of the market remains the same, despite the growth of industrial production of apples.[...]

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Ukraine has achieved a record volume of frozen berries exports due to the growth of capacity for shock freezing

During the first three months of the new season, the export of frozen berries and other fruits reached almost 20,000 tons.
Ukraine increased export of frozen berries and other fruits by 80% in value terms, receiving more than $ 35 million in export earnings. The volume of exports reached almost 20 thousand tons, which became a new indicator for the first three months of the season.
Such a breakthrough in the export of frozen berries became possible due to a sharp increase in raspberry production last year, when a significant part of the production was not realized as a result of a shortage of capacity for freezing. Therefore, at the end of the year, several new projects appeared on the shock freezing of fruit and vegetable products, which have already begun in the new season.
In 2018, the production of berries continued to grow. Increased production of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, which led to a further decline in prices for them. This coincided with a good harvest of wild berries such as blueberries, which further exacerbated the situation. As a result, raspberries of summer varieties were often bought for freezing at 7-10 UAH / kg. In exceptional cases, prices exceeded 10 UAH / kg. And even in the fresh market get a price above 20 UAH. / kg is practically not possible.
Today raspberries are bought at a reduced price, which allows sellers to create a good base for successful exports. And although world prices for berries remain low, at such a low purchase price, exporters should not have any special problems in making a profit.
An important role in the success of export of berries is played by the activities of industry associations, in particular the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association, as well as projects of FAO, the EBRD and the EU4. In the framework of this project, successful trade missions were conducted, trainings were conducted, fundamental research of the market was published. Thanks to this activity, Ukrainian berries were recognized even in Asian countries, which are a very promising market for fruits and vegetables.
By the way, the increase in frost resistance also contributed to the growth of production and exports of frozen vegetables. In the first three months of the new season, revenues from exports of frozen vegetables grew 1.5 times to $ 1.1 million.[...]

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