Exports of Argentine apples and pears increased by a quarter

Last year, Argentina increased exports of apples and pears by a quarter to 407 thousand tons compared to 2017. According to the statistics of the National Health Service and agro-food quality of Argentina, the volume of supply of pears amounted to 313 thousand tons, and apples — 95 thousand tons. [...]

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Russian farmers raise the price of carrots

Prices for carrots in Russia began to rise due to a general shortage of supply. Today, Russian farmers make the main deals at 23-31 cents per kilogram, which is on average 15% more expensive than at the end of the last working week. [...]

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Poland increased apple supplies to Egypt eight times

Exporters from Poland continue to actively conquer the Egyptian apple market. According to analysts, only for the first half of the season, the volume of supplies of Polish apples to Egypt increased almost eight times as compared with the same period of the previous season and 3.5 times more than for the entire 2017/18 MY. [...]

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Saudi company imports Indonesian fruits and vegetables for five million dollars

The company Meola Al Dawaar Trading & Co from Saudi Arabia has signed a contract for the weekly supply of Indonesian fruits and vegetables in the amount of five million dollars.

In particular, tropical fruits, red onions, spices, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, pharmaceutical plants and coconut leaves will be sent to the country.

«The company Meola Al Dawaar Trading & Co delivers about 5 tons of fruit from Indonesia every week or 170 tons per year,» the report said.

It is noted that of the total imports, 70% are Indonesian goods; the remaining 30% are products from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.[...]

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In Ukraine, another wave of decline in onion prices began

Ukrainian onion producers are forced to reduce the price of products. According to the project, the reason for this price trend was the decline in trade activity in the market, which was provoked by an increase in the supply of imported onions from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. [...]

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